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Following Dreams

"Senior Vice President of Banking for the Music Industry"

Taylor: What is your responsibility as a Senior Vice President of banking for the music industry?

Karen: I’ve been a banker for 23 years and I have specialized in the music industry for 16 of them. I assist people that have something to do with music, primarily artists, producers, and song writers.  I help them manage their money. I help them with regular checking accounts, loans, and mortgages. I also help them finance their buses, helicopters, tours, and all sorts of things.

Taylor: What are the steps to becoming a bank Senior Vice President?

Karen: I started in a bank training program which took about two years. I learned a lot about banking and how to make loans.

Banners celebrate #1 Hits in front of Sony Music.

Taylor: What school did you go to and what did you study?

Karen: I went to Louisiana Tech University. I have a major in finance and a minor in accounting.

Taylor: What’s your biggest event that you have loaned for?

Karen:  My biggest loan has probably been on a house. I have also been involved with the Grammys and other things like that because many of our clients win awards.

Taylor: What artist or groups have you supported?

Karen: In banking, we are very confidential about our clients. We never say who banks with us. I have worked with some of the biggest country and Christian artists.

This statue celebrates the life of Owen Bradley. In 1955, he built the first
music-business structure on what has become Music Row in Nashville.

Taylor: At 12-years-old, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Karen: I was a candy striper at a hospital and I loved it. For a long time, I thought I wanted to work in a hospital and be a nurse or a doctor.

Taylor: When did that change?

Karen: I started working at a bank when I was in high school. I enjoyed helping people figure out how to handle their money. I thought I wanted to go into accounting, but I realized that I really wanted to work in finance.

Taylor: What is one of your fondest memories from when you were growing up?

Karen: Family vacations were a lot of fun. We always drove and stopped at rest stops to eat our lunch. When I lived in Nebraska, I was in the blizzard of 1972 and we got snowed into our house. My dad was out of town on an assignment somewhere, so a neighbor had to dig us out. He also built us a snow cave in the back yard that was big and that was a lot of fun!

Taylor: Were you involved in any school programs or sports?

Karen:I was in the band. I played the flute and I was a flag girl, but I wasn’t in any sports.

Taylor: Who were your mentors and who encouraged you?

Karen: My parents always encouraged me the most. Along the way, I also had some great people I worked with. They really believed in me and taught me what I needed to know.

Taylor: If there are any girls out there that want to be senior vice president of banking for the music industry, what advice and what studies would you recommend?

Karen: They need to love music and banking because it is really fun. Finance and accounting background are very important too.

All the big names that Owen Bradley produced surround his statue.   

Taylor: You are going to speak to girls all around the world, so do you have any words of encouragement?

Karen:Find something you love to do and be passionate about it. You could be a banker, a mom, or a teacher. You could be anything. But really love what you do.




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