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Finally, a magazine with your picture inside!

The Polling Place-Past Results!


Your BFF

Star In What Movie

Anywhere in the World


Super Powers

Favorite Music

Favorite Narnia Movie

Favorite Hair Color

Favorite Ice Cream

Favorite Pet

Instrument Playing

Cyrus / Montana Song

Favorite Snack

Trading Places

Jonas Brothers Song

Spongebob character

Favorite winter activity

Favorite Show

Favorite HSM Star

Favorite Color

Favorite Page

Favorite Holiday

Favorite Shop

Favorite Soda

Favorite Channel

Favorite Singer

Favorite Season

Jonas Brothers

High School Musical

Hershey Candies


Favorite Pet

Favorite Jonas Brother

Hair Style

Dream Job

What Would You Wear

Favorite Book

Favorite Shoes

Favorite GZLM Page

Foreign Language

Favorite Reality TV Show

I Wish I Was There Now

The Next American Idol

Favorite Type of Dog

Favorite Type of Dance

Idol Top 4

Favorite Food

Idol Top 5

Favorite Sport

Favorite Subject

Favorite Vegetable

Pick your BFF...

Do You Have a Pet

I Wish I Could...

Male Idol Winner

Female Idol Winner

Ashley Tisdale

Cell Phone

Traveling Pants Movie

American Idol Judge

Robert Pattinson's hair

Famous For...



Would You Rather

Which Concert

Spongebob or Patrick

Is Miley Cyrus...

Would you rather

Your Favorite Books

Dinner With a Celebrity

Would you rather

Your Summer

Favorite Pop Star

1 Million Dollars

Miley CD

Favorite Treat

Build Your Own Building

Your Own Website

Favorite Game System

Harry Potter Celebrity

What Would You Sing

Where Would You Go

Favorite Cookie

Favorite Singer

Favorite Time of Day

Favorite Movie

Favorite Disney Movie

Favorite Old Cartoon

Favorite Fast Food

Favorite Talk Show

Favorite Lunch

Favorite Amusement Park

Brothers & Sisters

Favorite Breakfast


Which Pet Would

Would You Rather

Favorite Hip Hip/R&B

BFF, Girl or Guy

Idol, Girl or Guy

Did it Snow

Buying a CD

What's Better in a Guy

What's Your Style

Dream Car

Would You Rather

Would You Rather

Would You Rather

Dogs or Cats

Boys are...

Favorite Store

Morning or Night


What do you do more

Your School

Cell Phone Question

Favorite GZLM Page

Would You Rather

Your Favorite Actress

Would You Rather















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