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Finally, a magazine with your picture inside!

Shout Out!

Calling all girlZlikeme!

You can say hi or just give a shout out to your friends and family all over
the world! Your "Shout Out" will be posted every Monday, so click on the
submission button and send us your Shout Out message today!


Hi everyone! I’d like to give a shout out to my 3 best friends, Shona, Emma Jane and Kassie. Emma Jane is in Italy now and I miss her. It’s just not the same without her.
Lauren age 10, Ireland



I just want to shot out to GZLM you guys are awesome and make this website the best! You must put in a lot of effort and your own time into this!
Kayla age 12, Pennsylvania



Kayla, we love GZLM and never thought it would grow this big. It does take the whole family a lot of time. But it has been fun to see girls from around the world!















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